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Redefining Miami Credit Repair: How To Improve Your Score The Right Way

Miami Credit Repair

As Miami gradually reopens, many residents are super excited. The beautiful beaches are slowly coming back to life after three months of lockdown. Thousands of locals who lost their jobs and closed businesses due to COVID-19 can finally see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

But as things turn for the better, experts warn that unless people with poor credit scores act now, they will continue lagging financially. A good credit score can help you qualify for low-interest rate loans when buying a house, paying huge medical bills, or starting a business.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous business people have also seen the need for credit repair services. They're taking advantage of the situation. They're using deceptive marketing to lure unsuspecting clients who genuinely need help but end up falling short on expectations. Some even worsen the situation. But all is not lost.

Build Worth Strategies, a reputable Miami credit repair service provider is redefining the industry. We want to help you improve your credit rating the right way. So in this blog post, we share four tips to help you avoid getting duped as you take steps to improve your credit rating.

Your Credit Repair Company Matters

Before agreeing to work with any Miami credit repair company, do your homework. Read reviews of the potential candidates on reputable sites such as Better Business Bureau, look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website for complaints, and other reliable review sites.

Avoid companies that appear too good to be true. For example, steer clear of companies that promise to remove accurate, current, and negative information from your reports, create new credit identity, and request payments before offering services.

There is No 'Quick Fix'

Credit repair is not a one-day event. It's a process that can take several weeks. For instance, after receiving disputes, the credit bureau has about 30 days to investigate and verify the information. Therefore, shun credit repair companies that promise quick fixes.

Credit Education is Key

For decades, many credit repair companies ignored or underestimated the importance of credit education. And as a result, many clients who had made great progress lost track and got back in the same situation.

Studies show that companies that offer credit education are more likely to help their credit repair clients improve their scores, be accountable for their actions, and be more disciplined financially. And that's why we take it seriously.

It Takes Two to Tango

A credit repair company can only do so much alone. If you seriously want to boost your credit rating, you must also do your part. That means paying your bills on time, watching your spending habits, keep credit card balances low and always keep an eye on your credit reports.

Key Takeaways

If you're searching for a Miami credit repair company, be aware of potential scams. Stay away from promises that seem to be good to be true, companies that don't offer credit education, promise quick fixes and prioritize fees over services.

At Build Worth Strategies, we are redefining the industry. Our credit repair strategies are genuine, proven, customer-oriented, and legal. Contact us to speak to one of our experts today.

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