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New Year, New Credit - Let Miami Credit Repair Get You Healthy for 2020

When setting new year resolutions, we often think about new financial goals, dream summer vacations, or a weight loss target, if applicable. Rarely do we consider raising our credit score a new year goal. If you are not happy with your current score, why not make it a goal to repair it this year with Miami Credit Repair and enjoy the kind of financial privileges you have been dreaming about?

Why Is Your Credit So Important?
Your credit plays an important part in almost every aspect of your life, whether it's renting an apartment, securing a mortgage to pay for your dream home, leasing a car, getting a loan or applying for insurance. Basically, your credit tells people how responsible you are with money. Having poor credit will not only hurt you financially but also damage your reputation.

Understand the Process Well
Repairing your credit is a time-consuming process that may take months. You'll need to go over your credit reports issued by the three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), scrutinize each negative item and decide if there's a chance for dispute. For each error identified, you must contact the credit bureau directly to initiate a dispute procedure and support your case with relevant documents. For example, if there's a charge on your credit card created by your ex-husband after the divorce had finalized, you could submit documents to prove that your ex was the one responsible for it, not you. The case gets more complicated if you are a victim of identity theft. Proving that you are not the one responsible for a fraudulent account created by a hacker is not easy.

Under such circumstances, summoning the help of a credit repair service is your best option. Working with an experienced service like Miami Credit Repair means that you have a team of credit experts at your fingertips. These experts have worked on thousands of cases similar to yours, and successfully disputed errors that drag their clients' scores down. Leverage their expertise and experience to get the job done fast instead of navigating the credit bureaus' maze on your own.

Another thing to keep in mind is the timeline of your other financial goals. If you want to buy a house, get a car, or apply for a loan in the near future, you may not have enough time to organically improve your credit. And we all know what kind of interest rates we'll get with a bad score. By working with Miami Credit Repair, you'll have a chance to fix your credit in a short time frame. The time it takes to repair a score varies case by case. Contact us today to discover how long it will take to get yours fixed.

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