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New Credit For The New Year! Miami Gardens Fl Credit repair

2019 is gone. It's old news, it's a new year now. With a new year in Miami Gardens Fl. comes new challenges, and new expenses. Why shouldn't the new year also come with new credit? The good news is, it can! If you are currently feeling the harsh reality of having a bad credit then it's time to get that problem resolved, and Build Worth Strategies credit repair is the best solution.

Having a bad credit score can be very troublesome, your chances of getting a loan plummet once your credit score dips below 600 or so. This is because lenders look at you as high risk and lenders aren't in the business of taking excessive risks. If you do manage to get a loan you will most likely face high-interest rates, the same goes for any credit cards you acquire.

Another thing you may not realize is that it can also affect your living situation. Renting or leasing can become difficult with bad credit history. Most folks don't realize that landlords usually check your credit before approving a rental application. If they don't outright deny you they will probably require a higher security deposit.

The same goes for utilities. Utility companies also check your score and will require a security deposit upfront before you can charge it in your name.

If you thought that was all, guess what, the list goes on. Some jobs, especially ones in finance and accounting, or management positions, expect you to have a good credit score. Yes, you can actually be turned down for a job if you have a bad credit score.

If you are trying to get a car loan you will probably get denied altogether. If you are approved, generally you get high-interest rates on that as well. If you are lucky enough to get a vehicle you will usually find yourself with higher insurance premiums.

It turns out a lot of people check your credit history. Even cell phone companies check your credit score before allowing you to enter a contract with them.

Yes, credit history and credit scores are more important than we sometimes realize. Many things are dependent on your credit and those things can be held back because of bad credit.

Don't you worry though! If you're looking to raise your credit score for the New Year, then BWS is your answer. They can help you get your credit score back up and get you in a better position to acquire all the things that your credit history has deprived you of.

Bad credit is a difficult obstacle to get out from under but it is not impossible if you have the right help on your side.

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